Rate of Interest

Rate of Interest for Agricultural/Non Agricultural Schemes

Loan Amount Rate (%)
Upto Rs. 50000/-10.60%
Above Rs. 50001/- 11.80%
Commercial Dairy11.30%
(10 or more milch animals)

Rate of Interest for Personal Loan

14% on Reducing Balance

Rate of Interest for Term Deposits

S. No.   Category of PublicRate of Interest (%) 
For 1 year upto 2 yearsAbove 2 years upto 3 yearsAbove 3 years
1For normal public7.10%6.60%6.35%
2For senior citizens7.60% 7.10%6.85%
3For employees/ ex-employees of the bank7.85%7.35%7.10%
4For those who are senior citizens as well as employees/ ex-employees of the bank 7.85%7.35%7.10%